Creative Menu Design


Menu design


A new design approach to the menu based on the interiors of the place along with some freshness in the design

what we did

We created a design that was not in your face and yet nuanced with detail. It was clear, easy and casual, pretty much like how the space is where people come and have a good time, hang out with friends and eat comfortably. The food is mostly European based. While creating the menu we also kept in mind that primarily a lot of women come to this place. The overall design is very semi-formal reflecting a blend of casual and easy dinning
An important feature that we also kept in mind is the durability of the menu as there are high chances of water/food or anything else falling on it. As a result we suggested appropriate material for the same

The design was done such that it had the flexibility to add or delete the content at a later date. Alternatively one can also add additional sheets