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Design, regardless of its age (and era) ought to be graceful. Representations that are an embodiment of the senses, and in full harmony of splendour and the soul, outlast the whims of passing trends. If that were not the case, we would not find ourselves drawn to regularly to the beauty of the times past, and often times find ourselves referring to the age-old principles, and utilising their wisdom in order to re-fashion our present life sciences.

To keep in step with the pace of life, we must not forget that it is in the senses, in the splendour, and in the soul that seats the magical impetus of identity: yours and ours.

The senses give rise to splendour and splendour to the soul and this is the fundamental methodology our craftsmen employ at 2927.

fluid, ceaseless,
yet forever
in the mind
in the soul.
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